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Did you know The Nation has a LiveJournal feed? I do. I just removed it. They were friggin' embedding ads in their damned feed. If LiveJournal wanted to start putting ads on their site that would be annoying but it would also be their right. When others start putting regular, obvious ads in their content, that's pretty damned annoying.

I have other interesting news to report but after months of helping to push it along, it seems I still have to wait an unknown amount of time before I can say anything. I think I'll go bang my head against the wall for a while. (Don't hold your breath, either. While the news is tremendously important to me, most of you won't be affected or give a damn about it.)

And in a political vein, here's an article about a Republican Senator who's trying to justify our planting stories in Iraqi media. John Warning, a Republican Senator from Virginia says this:
Things like this happen. It's a war. The disinformation that's going on in that country is really affecting the effectiveness of what we're achieving, and we have no recourse but to try and do some rebuttal information.

That, I think, sums up what's so horribly wrong with many Republicans today. So many of them think about what they're trying to do but don't think about how others perceive their actions. Or maybe they just don't care how others perceive their actions.

Regardless of their reasoning, the simple fact remains that when you're doing something that others might notice, you may wish to consider the fact that they might notice it! And when they do notice it, can we please stop and think for a minute how it might look to them? Is bothering to consider someone else's viewpoint too much to ask? (apparently the answer's "yes")

You know, if we're going to do stupid shit like this, can we at least have the common decency to fess up and apologize when we're caught?
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