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Just got back from amaralis' celebration party (quitting work so she can focus on school). I think it's wonderful that she's willing to take such an important leap in order to follow her dreams. I believe ntnrmlgirl has turned the same trick but she's not bothered to invite me to any celebration party. I must have a chat with her about this.

In other news, there's some exciting stuff for the Perl Foundation which finally happened. I can't say anything quite yet, but the news should hit in a day or two (it might take longer if we decide to soft-pedal it). It's something that we've needed to do for a long time and I think it has the potential of really energizing folks tremendously. Time will tell.

Time to hit the hay. My reading material for the evening is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Yes, I'm rereading the series. While her writing has definitely improved in later books, I must confess that in reading the series again, I'm quite impressed with how well thought out they are. Earlier works repeatedly hint at things which happen much later in the series. In fact, the first book hints at things which occur in the sixth and the second and third books have strong hints about things which happen in the fifth. Though there are some minor consistency errors, Rowling really did a great job.

I think why I really appreciate the books is how they take me back to childhood fantasies of finding another world to escape into. I suspect there are more than a few on my friends list who can relate to that.
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