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I've spent a bit of today working on converting my personal Web site over to Bricolage. Though I've done quite a bit of this at work, this is my first time doing an entire site from start to finish. I'll work on this in my spare time, but so far it's gone fairly well. The only bumps in the road have stemmed from me not misunderstanding a couple of things in the early setup stages.

Right now, I have the shell of my old site there and I'm filling in some content. Some of the more "dynamic" features will take more time to fill in, but they shouldn't be too bad. After that, it will be easy for me to update the site on a regular basis. Who knows? I might even build a LiveJournal plugin for it so I can update my LJ from Bricolage. That would be cool.

Update: not misunderstanding? Sheesh. Naturally, it's a non-English speaker who first corrects my grammar.

Update 2: I also had plenty of fun deleting records directly from the Bricolage database when I accidentally set up an story element incorrectly and couldn't reassign it. Bummer. It never would have worked had this been an existing install.
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you got bumps from not misunderstanding? OR Bumps happened because you understood? OR where do those bumps come from? And what is Bricolage anyway???
ahh, computers

HOpe you had a lovely weekend! wish I could have seen/talked to you at some point.
Looking at your blog via your other website... your mood icons look like slugs. Is that what they're supposed to be?

I tried to send an evite to you but it was returned, please may i have the correct email addy?