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Haven't posted in a bit so the following will be a bit of a ramble just to fill in some details.

Thanksgiving was great. xwrn made most of the dinner and papertygre came down from Seattle and celebrated with us. This was my first time meeting her (papertygre) and she was great company. Much turkey, stuffing, and rummy eggnog was had by all. I was ready to explode.

Later, we visited a friend of xwrn and I noticed that one person was playing the new XBox 360. A most unusual XBox 360. It had a fascinating faceplate with interesting pictures, some of the plastic had different colors from what I see in advertisements and it has a small section which reads "I made this". Seems the guy was one of programmers responsible for the launch of XBox and he was explaining about his work on Project Gotham racing and how the lighting system works. One of his complaints was about the trees in the London section of the game. Apparently, the programmers thought London was the most beautiful city in the game but the trees were generated with a third-party software package that just doesn't look terribly convincing.

The next morning I went for a 3 mile run. That was my fourth for the week and my last for a month. I'm finally convinced that the (current) problem in my left leg is shin splints. That's pretty much a minimum of two to four weeks of no running to let my leg heal up. This really pisses me off. I was finally getting to the point where these shorter runs were very comfortable and now I'm off my feet again.

And in other news, being the geek that I am, I spent part of my four day weekend working on software which I've just released to the CPAN. I've added "runtime traits" to this software package and it allows people to incorporate new behavior into their code on the fly. Never mind, though. It's really not that interesting unless you're a serious programmer who does object-oriented work.
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