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Corned beef and baggage

Last night was wonderful. Had dinner with pdx42, his daughters choklate_vampyr and soothsavage, _sister_madly_ (probably not his daughter), ekwinimity (definitely not his daughter) and xwrn (too old to be his son). Much booze, corned beef and cabbage for all (well, the daughters skipped the booze part). Played "Apples to Apples" and had a blast.

Today's not been as good. Work went well and got some great stuff done, but after work was difficult. Worked on some stuff for the Perl Foundation, talked for over an hour with the TPF president (one Bill Odom) and found that we agree on a lot of things but are still blocked in some critical areas. Anyone who bitches at us for what hasn't been done in the past has no idea how difficult some of the obstacles are. Trying to get regular, first class work out of a volunteer organization can be extremely trying. People have bills to pay so work comes first. Sometimes people lose interest. Other times people just don't see eye to eye but working with volunteers requires different skills than working with employees. Still, it's been a positive effort and things are moving forward.

Now I'm at home and thinking that it's too late to call anyone to be social. Damn. I need stress relief.
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