Libertarianism, the "UnCommunism"

Property is theftProperty is sacred
TotalitarianismAny government is bad
Capitalists are baby-eating villainsCapitalists are noble Nietzchean heroes
Workers should ruleWorker activism is evil
The poor are oppressedThe poor are pampered good-for-nothings

For the longer version, you can read What's wrong with libertarians.

Or again, for a shorter version, here's my only slightly tongue-in-cheek take:

Unemployed Libertarian
Employed Anarchist

I might add that I pulled the link from this discussion. It's really sad how completely incapable people are of reading something and seeing past the little things which cause knee-jerk reactions. There wasn't much intelligent rebuttal in that thread.

My favorite comment in that thread was where a poster claimed that corruption in a Libertarian society could be avoided by keeping a clear separation of business and government because -- make sure you're not drinking anything when you read this -- "corruption only spreads to areas in which they can obtain both political and economic power".

Of course, if you're the captain of the U.S.S. Make Shit Up, you can steer to any port you want. Comments like that are worthy of the Randroids.

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Don't be silly — if we all embrace libertarian ideals, the world will automatically convert to a Heinleinian utopia! Every man will be a chivalrous, polite, heavily-armed mathematician, and every woman will be a sweet, caring, sex-crazed breeder, just like evolution intended!
I'm not sure where you get "Worker activism is evil". Libertarians believe in free association. That means both that workers are free to form organizations to help them, and that employers are free to stop associating with workers they're unhappy with.

Your "The poor are pampered good-for-nothings" is very, very selective as well. I suspect that most libertarians are happy to help the poor—my parents regularly donate to a group that offers interest-free microloans to poor Africans, for example. (They typically give loans to people paying for equipment to start/expand a farm/business/school/whatever.) Libertarians' issue is less with the poor than it is with the government's inefficient efforts to help them, which (being government programs) libertarians are forced to fund.

The rest of your points are overstated but basically correct.
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U.S.S. Make Shit Up...that is brilliant.

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"it's the philosophy of a snotty teen" -- brilliant!