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And how much does *your* employer offer in job adverts?

So I'm subscribed to the jobs.perl.org mailing list. This is very important to every Perl programmer regardless of whether or not you're looking for work. You want to know who's hiring. You want to know the technologies they're using (Catalyst is really hot right now) and you want to know what they're paying. You might even want to know where they're hiring, but this is less important to me.

What's curious, though, is an odd little discrepancy I noticed. I tend not to read job postings in German or Dutch because, well, I don't know those languages. I read the English language jobs (and the very uncommon French language ones). I've noticed that the vast majority of jobs posted in the UK or Australia have a salary or salary range listed. The vast majority of those posted for the US don't. What gives? Are Americans just a bunch of cheating bastards seeing who we can swindle?

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