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Stupid, stupid, stupid people

I was hanging out with ****. We were lounging around and chatting when she decided to tell me a rather disturbing tale. Apparently, since she has too much free time, she gets very bored and does Bad Things to relieve the boredom. Her latest Bad Thing put me off, but I can't deny that I am astonished by the result.

**** took out an anonymous personal ad on a free site that has very little traffic. The ad basically read as follows:

Looking for straight men who want to be ****ed in the *** with a strap-on and beg for it.

Yup. That was her ad. Other than indicating that she was female, this was completely anonymous. Frankly, I think this is cruel, but I couldn't believe what she then told me: this anonymous ad on a low-traffic site generated 15 responses in the first half hour. Over the course of the next day, she had over 60 responses from men begging her to do this. These idiots were sending their pictures, phone numbers and real names. Some of these people would be easy to track down and some of them stood a fair amount to lose if it were known they had responded to this ad. The complete and total stupidity of this just astounds me even more than her blatant cruelty.

I won't share the name or the photo, but here is one of the most idiotic (and repugnant) responses. This moron was clever enough not to use his real name, but he not only sent a photo (with someone I assume is his wife), but it had what appeared to be his name as the name of the photo.

Please don't be some weird freaky person (no games either). I'm a young, handsome, married, straight male, but have always had an interest in that kind of thing.

You must be attractive and clean. Here's a photo if you are interested.

I prosecute spammers....

How frickin' stupid can you get? There is not a single sentence in that email that isn't a real howler.

(Admittedly, some of these people could be trying to set other people up, too. I'd be just as foolish to take these people at face value)

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