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In discussing the current White House woes, the Mercury News wrote "Less than a year after winning re-election by a comfortable margin, President Bush's approval ratings are ..."

"Comfortable margin"? Mathematically challenged Republicans, desperate to put a positive spin on Bush's razor-thin lead pointed out that with over 62 million votes, Bush received more votes than any Presidential candidate has received before. Of course, they don't quite seem to understand what "population growth" means.

In reality, Bush won 50.7% of the vote and Kerry won 48.3% of the vote. Excluding the rare cases of losing the popular vote but winning the electoral college, Bush's 2.4% margin of victory was narrower than any other Presidential election I know of. Can someone please explain to me how this translates to a "comfortable margin"?

I still hear about Bush's "mandate" from the people. It's positively Orwellian how anyone can read how narrow the vote was and still believe that Bush was handed a mandate to run roughshod over those who disagree with his views.
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Why can't you just let the subject drop?

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You know, if there had been as much doubt about the validity of the votes in an emerging third-world country, the US newspapers would probably have called it a travesty and parody of a democracy...
It's lovely how you can twist numbers to your favour no matter what.
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Hello, I sort of went to college with xwrn. He recently contacted me on OkCupid and mentioned you were his roommate in the course of our discussing potential thanksgiving plans. (I moved to Seattle a couple of months ago.) Anyway, when he linked me to you on OkC, I noticed you have a livejournal, and I found that I like much of your writing so I hope you don't mind that I added you.