What's Your Favorite Lie?

While I have a number of them, I told one of my favorite lies on a chilly night in London, October 18, 1999 (I checked my passport for the date).

I flew to the UK to meet my brother, Lewis, (cleverly known on LJ as ovids_brother) for the first time. We went to London to spend a bit of time prior to visiting Paris. While in London, we hit a pub and at around 10 in the evening, they called last call. I was a bit confused until Lewis explained the curious UK laws apparently implemented to encourage people to get drunk as early in the evening as possible. Naturally I wanted to keep drinking and we decided to find an after hours club.

Walking outside, we were immediately accosted by a pair of panhandlers. I had trouble understanding them at first due to thick Scottish brogues, but once it was clear what they wanted Lewis and I both turned them down. Then it hit me: they live here. After confirming that yes, they knew of an after hours club, I promised them a couple of pounds if, when we got there, there was actually a club.

We're walking along and one of them was in front of me talking intently with Lewis. The other one was talking to me and not walking very fast. In fact, I noticed that Lewis and I were slowly getting pulled further and further apart. Since Lewis was in front, I had no idea if he noticed this and I realized we had a bit of a problem. I'm trying to think of a way of dealing with this without setting off our new found "friends" when the one next to me asked ...

"So what brings you to our country?"

"Oh, we flew in to compete in the international Karate tournament."

And the gap between my brother and myself mysteriously disappeared.

What's your favorite lie?
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ROFLMFBO!!!!!!! I guess this means I'll never get to kick your butt again!!! Hmmmm....Maybe I'll take those kickboxing lessons.....LOL
I got married because of a lie.
1994: I was still in high school, and rachelk121 asked me out on a "date" to Great America. We went and had a good time, but in the ensuing weeks, nothing happened and we really didn't talk. Other than going to the same community college (where she was convinced I was stalking her, but I wasn't), we didn't see each other or talk for about six years.

Her parents and my parents were good friends, though, and sometimes I'd go over to their house to fix a computer problem. I once deleted Windows on them, but that's a longer story and not relevant. When I came over, she'd hide.

2000: I was living out in Colorado as a bachelor, and a friend of mine needed to get his girlfriend from Seattle to Phoenix pretty quick, in July or so. Now, my parents have a neighbor who works for a large airline, so by telling them a little white lie (that it was my girlfriend, not his) I managed to get my dad to talk to the neighbor to get an "employee" standby ticket. The difference in price was something like $60 vs $600, so it was a pretty major favor that I called in to get this done for him. (He fled to Seattle shortly thereafter, and besides seeing him at my wedding, we haven't talked much since.)

My father mentioned to a few people that I had a girlfriend as a result of this. One of the people he told is now my mother-in law.

Every year, my family has a Christmas Eve dinner; anyone's invited, and we have many non-family members show up. rachelk121's family was invited, but her mom had to work, her sister was in college and her dad wasn't up to going. So she came by herself. And she wasn't "afraid" of me - after all, I had a girlfriend, right? Except I didn't.

We started talking again that night, then emailing, IMing, and about a month later had a 7-hour phone call on a Friday night. We were married about two and a half years later.

And it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't lied.
My favorite lie is the kind when someone makes a misconception about you, and you just let them run with it.
The good Ol' un-lie.
I can't really think of a good favorite lie, and yours really tops mine.

I do think that as a kid once, I told someone that I got flung out of this one ride at an amusement park - I think the name was the "Sea Creature" or something. It was this big boat that swung back and forth. I recall telling someone that I got flung out of that but I landed in a bouncy jumping thing so I was perfectly okay. They were amazed. We were both seven or eight. It was very amusing.
I don't know if this is a favorite lie or not but it was a kinda funny
I was at the mall waiting for a bus and this guy who had this I am pretending to be a street person look to him came up to me and sarted chatting me up well really he looked at least 10 years younger than me and I was not overly interested I told him this he didn't care and kept bothering me he finally asked me for my phone this I replied I didn't have a phone...right at that moment my cell phone started ringing and it seemed really loud...but he just glared at me and walked my embarrasment was my success after all
Just remember boys and girls, when someone asks if you're a god, you say YES!