Whither Michael Jackson?

So you may have heard that Michael Jackson, alleged child molester, has decided to move to Bahrain. The cynic in me guessed that Bahrain has no extradition treaty with the United States. A bit of online research suggests that this is true. This, I suppose, is a coincidence. Just like I'm sure his song "Pretty Young Thing" has no, er, unwholesome implications.

Side note: my choice of music for this entry was a complete coincidence. Honestly!
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Isn't Bahrain a mostly Moslem country?

He's probably thinking of putting on traditional womens clothing there...
(I'll leave it up to you to guess why...)
Have a look at the CIA factbook, and you might find some more useful information:

Such as the incredibly low HIV infection ratio, and the high male-to-female ratio (although the ratio doesn't hold true in young boys... in fact the divide is huge... what's up with that?)

I've found a couple of articles that indicate that Bahrain is in pretty deep in middle-eastern and asian sex trade, specifically in the sale of children (mostly girls, by what I've found, though). Also, Bahrain appears to be actively deporting gay individuals.
you he has almost become a non human....he seems so remote from reality