Knife Man

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Everyone else had carved their pumpkin but for some reason, I didn't feel inspired. After giving in to peer pressure, I finally knelt in front of my pumpkin and tried to figure out what to do. It would not stand up straight and the stem of the pumpkin wound up curling out from the side. That's when _sister_madly_ piped up.

"Hey, that kind of looks like a tail."

By god, she was right. That's when inspiration struck. I turned to pdx42.

"Hand me that head over there."

Admittedly, this is not a line one hears in everyday conversation.

After much effort, we manage to capture a grainy, stealth image detailing the beginnings of the pumpkin massacre.

low-light stealth shot

Here we see the cruel bunny/pumpkin performing highly experimental brain surgery on another pumpkin. Shocking, I tell you. Shocking.

brain surgery

Realizing he's being watched, bunny/pumpkin Mengele turns to threaten me.

the threat

Relaxing after a hard night's play, bunny/pumpkin Mengele resumes his experimentations at a more leisurely pace.

the threat

With any luck, pdx42 will have better pictures for us later.

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Looks like fun! I have a few pumpkins to carve w/ my daughter (and xwrn if I don't get it done before he gets here). I hope we can come up with something half as gruesome.
I'm glad I wasn't there - I hate pumpkin violence.
Actually, I had my head up somewhere and forgot about it. Not to mention that I'm now REALLY pissed that I was too tired last night to open LJ... Damn.
More ambitious than me! I'm not doing anything except lounging around on halloween. I am going to see Def Leppard at the verizon theater on the 30th! In Costume! In my tavern wench costume!!! Are those left over animals heads from your alice adventure????? LOL
I sent you some pics. I don't suppose you'd like to post one of them? The tavern wench to go with my previous post? LOL If not that's ok. I'm drinking brandy and in a really weird mood tonight. Had to break into moms house and let her in! Ick. Chucks gonna love me....NOT! He now has to reinstall his ac window unit. DETAILS AT 11......wellll maybe not....LOL
Can I use that last pic as the pic on a new jokes board I'm working on? I'll post credits if you want?
(deep breath)

I still have pictures from when I got to enjoy your pumpkin carving genius company. Oh man. Oh joy. Oh bunny.
Yep. Remember I told you I remembered the icon. Otherwise I assure you there was no way I would have remembered you!

Yes feel free to add me.