Knife Man

I lost my phone


That's my phone number. I lost my phone this evening. I will cheerfully reward anyone who helps me get it back. Money, dinner, Perl coding, whatever it takes. Help!

Unfortunately, it's on vibrate, so it's possible no one will hear it :(

It's probably better if you don't call until morning. If anyone answers, I have a picture of a black cat lying in a box as the main image and it's a weird phone -- the keys are arranged in a circle. Whomever answers the phone, I'll give them a reward, too.
You'll reward with "anything" huh? >:D that kind of phrasing can get you into trouble.
damn! hope you didn't trade it in for the vodka cran that you fed me last night... I didn't see it, since I didn't see too much of anything by the time I left the club. I hope you'll find it!!!
I was in the same situation a few months ago. And the phone was on vibrate so noone answered. I had to back track to every place I went until I eventually found it under the lip of a bookshelf where I had bent down to get a book and it fell out of my pocket.

What a nightmare. I had also called up every place I had gone to that day (4 total) and noone has found it. The stores weren't too helpful as they didn't go to the locations I was at to look for it.

Good luck finding it. I know how a geek feels without his geek toys.