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Done Deal

The book deal is finally done. That's "done" as in "finished, over, thrown into the gutter and shot". As expected, my coauthor backed out this morning due to other commitments. I don't blame him, though. He has a wife and kids and very little free time. While I am somewhat relieved, as this deal appeared to be going down the wrong road, I am disappointed that it's not working out.

Now that I'm on my own, I pitched a different deal: a beginner's Perl/CGI book that actually teaches "good" programming and security techniques. I've not found one on the market before (there are good books that teach either Perl or CGI programming, but not both), so there's some potential here.

Unfortunately, my coauthor was a more knowledgeable programmer than I, so I was relying on him to handle some of the areas that I am weak in. Time to consider a new strategy.

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