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Just a few of the people who have been forced to resign, voluntarily resigned, been demoted or "reassigned" because they could not, in good conscious, agree with the actions of the administration they had pledged to serve. The junta in the White House does not tolerate anyone disagreeing with them. Perhaps more importantly, the junta does not listen to anyone disagreeing with them.

Many of these names are folks who've spent the majority of their career in government service. These are people who routinely defend policies they don't agree with. That's their job. Now, however, many of them have found the current administration's behavior too much for even them to take quietly.

  • Bunnatine ("Bunny") Greenhouse
  • Richard Clarke
  • Paul O'Neill
  • Flynt Leverett
  • Ben Miller
  • Hillary Mann
  • Larry Lindsey
  • Ann Wright
  • John Brady Kiesling
  • John Brown
  • Rand Beers
  • Anthony Zinni
  • Eric Shinseki
  • Karen Kwiatkowski
  • Charles "Jack" Pritchard
  • Major John Carr
  • Major Robert Preston
  • Captain Carrie Wolf
  • Colonel Douglas Macgregor
  • Paul Redmond
  • John W. Carlin
  • Susan Wood
  • Frank Davidoff
  • Thomas E. Novotny
  • Joanne Wilson
  • James Zahn
  • Tony Oppegard
  • Jack Spadaro
  • Teresa Chambers
  • Martha Hahn
  • Andrew Eller
  • Mike Dombeck
  • James Furnish
  • Mike Parker
  • Sylvia K. Lowrance
  • Bruce Boler
  • Eric Schaeffer
  • Bruce Buckheit
  • Rich Biondi
  • Martin E. Sullivan
  • Richard S. Lanier
  • Gary Vikan

If you voted for Bush, that's disappointing, but that's your choice. That's what a democracy is about. If, however, you still agree with Bush: fuck you. These bastards are destroying our country and getting rich off of it.

On a happier note, our Vice President's stock options in Halliburton and other companies have increased in value over 3,000 percent last year. Clearly this is a sign that our economy's on the rebound, right?

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