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Colonizing Space

I keep hearing people say that we shouldn't be thinking about establishing colonies on the moon or Mars. We need to fix things on Earth before we risk screwing up space.

I completely understand their point of view. And to them I say: when you are without sin and can do no wrong then, and only then, can you have children.
  • Current Mood: thoughtful thoughtful response to them is, "well, we'll never colonize the moon or Mars ever, then".
But as I keept telling my wife..
I only want to have children so I can spawn my army of darkness. Her response is as long as I refer to it as "spawning" we won't be having kids.
Re: But as I keept telling my wife..
Try saying "create a pod" instead. Rub her belly while using the word "pod" and Do Not Laugh.
Personally, I've always figured that colonizing was a chance to start from scratch.
Jeez. I read and reread that entry several times trying to figure out what the hell you were talking about. Then I read the title. Whoops! Thanks for the catch.
Interesting :)

Colonizing space is my greatest interest and passion, but I never write about it on my LJ because I fear I wouldn't be able to get my point across. I suppose I also fear making myself vulnerable to criticism before I have a good idea how to counter it. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I have never been particularly good at arguments ;)
Firstly, you get your point across quite adeptly, not everyone is as likely to ignore said points as I take pleasure in doing :P .

Secondly ... I never took you for a coward! Stand up and take it like a man, you ... Gamine Warrior! ( Sorry, it was too beautiful to leave unexploited. )

Thirdly, you argue far more effectively than you realize.
It seems that too many people are entirely ignorant of the benefits of offsite backup until their NOC goes up in smoke...
But ...
"And to them I say: when you are without sin and can do no wrong then, and only then, can you have children."

They are too perfect and ecologically conscientious to procreate, therefore leaving those with the inclination to sin and do wrong to populate the planet ;).

Disclaimer: Intended for humorous use only, not to be taken seriously.
Re: But ...
Aye, since, I suspect, like myself, you generally assume everyone does anyways ... only to be proved wrong by the vehemently humor impaired.
I think of it as a courtesy. Like cleaning your apartment when you move.

We are trying to torture our grumpy old man neighbor by allowing TWO obnoxious bands practice in the basement.

when you are without sin and can do no wrong then, and only then, can you have children.

Perfect :o) I hope you don't mind that I'll be using that in those arguments from now on. I tend to get in them fairly often because I totally support the idea of living in space. Even if I think we should start with the Moon first.
Dude, by having all your negative vibes, man, you've already screwed up space. Thus spaketh Ramtha.

but it's not so much about risking screwing up space as it is about allocating funds and resources to those suffering here first, unless of course the idea is to turn the moon/Mars into cosmic Australias or leper colonies.
Yup. That's the Harvard Business School take on the matter.

It ignores a couple of problems, though. First, NASA has been an economic windfall for this country. People just aren't paying attention to how much technology in their everyday life stems directly from NASA research. By seeing how far we can push ourselves into space, we reap huge benefits financially. They just tend to take longer to ripple out through the economy and they're not the sort of things NASA opens up a gift shop for. The stupid BackToNatureLudditesWhoCouldNotSurviveOnTheirOwnInTheWildForAWeek™ don't seem to be able (or willing) to grasp this concept.

Second, if you apply for food stamps, bankruptcy, or any of a number of things which pretty much require you to be broke, you often have to fill out a budget to prove you are, in fact, broke. In that budget there's usually a line item for "entertainment expenses". Even the poorest of the poor need to be able to dream. In the case of colonizing space, dreams for humanity have to be bigger.

Of course, those BackToNatureLudditesWhoCouldNotSurviveOnTheirOwnInTheWildForAWeek™ agree with the latter sentiment a bit. They dream about clean air, an end to war, an end to hunger, etc. Personally, I don't begrudge them those dreams for one moment. When they bedgrudge me my dreams, that's when the rhetorical chainsaw comes out. We already know the financial benefits space travel reaps, so those silly arguments are useless.
As a ...
'BackToNatureLudditeWhoCouldSurviveOnHerOwnInTheWildForAWeek' (are there degrees of Luddite-cy, like Vegan, Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian ...etc.?)

I say ...

Send us to colonize Mars ... proof in the pudding ... (although I would tend to place my bets on nothing being any different, sadly)

BTW, I frequent the NASA gift shops at every given opportunity, doing my part to support the space program ;) ... which reminds me ... I need to replace the 'I Need My Space' t-shirt I ruined in the washing machine (I'm a Laundry-Transportation Luddite) ...
i feel you, man. i was playing devil's avacado.

Sometimes I wish NASA would expend a little more energy heralding its value in order to garner more public support and undermine not just the Luddites, but Ordinary Myopic Folk Who Have No Sense of Adventure or Much Imagination and Forget Or Never Learned That The World Was Discovered By Riding the Spirit of Exploration so they can perhaps feel a little less resentful about funding it.
My support for colonizing space is purely antagonistic.

Mainly, I want to find those damn aliens who infected Scientologists, and smack the living thetans out of them.
And to them I say: we're going to do it anyway, because we can. Nyah.