Yeah. Fucking yeah.

Good music. Good friends. And we're all sitting around on computers. Two outa three ain't bad, right?

On the other hand, _sister_madly_ did let me respond to one of the guys IMing her so it's not too bad. Poor guy. He's probably scarred for life. Still, that's what he gets for IMing a complete stranger, eh?
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To be fair, we did play 1/2 a game of Trivial Pursuit before resorting to our respective computers!
Group pajama day? That sounds great to me! I would say we should do it next Sunday, but we really need to get our costumes sorted out.
I have guys do that and they are not even iono friendly liek they jsut start do you have pictures can I see naked pictures blah blah it annoys me oh and no I don't have naked pictures heh
I actually have no pics on my puter at the moment hehe