A Distinct Lack of Tentacles

Went down to the Lovecraft festival tonight with acu_martin and xwrn. Too bad they were sold out.

Later on we ran into my old friend Sparky. I always run into him at the oddest places/times.

I complained that we weren't going to be enjoying tentacles snaking out of the shadows. Sparky replied that it depends upon which bar we hit.

A few pints of beer later and I'm ready to hit the sack. I think I'll read myself to sleep with pleasant nightime stories of Nyarlathotep. Nothing like a big helping of Old Ones to firmly fix a smile on one's face while dreaming.

(Has anyone else noticed that LJ is not emailing comments? Grr ...)
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Hmm. I'm probably not the first, tonight, who read that as a "Complete Lack Of Testicles."
I went last night, and saw Stuart Gordon's movie. It wasn't very good - like a mediocre modern day Twilight Zone episode, plus the crowd was a little smarmier than usual, in addition to the chronic problem that is Portland's lack of cinema etiquette.

I'm going Sunday night to check out the shorts.
Shorts One are supposed to be incredible (I see them tomorrow) - Shorts Two was ok - Late Bloomer, which I was really looking forward to was out-shined by the live performance of the monologue by the guy who narrated the film. As for cinema etiquette and the HP Lovecraft film festival... I don't think they are going to overlap from what I saw.
I was going with some friends but we found it sold out too. Damn them!
We saw both sets of shorts yesterday. Shorts one was fantastic - the Call of Cthulhu was incredible!. Shorts two was also better than usual although I fell asleep during the Vessel - blame it on this cold that is knocking me on my ass. Can't make it out today unfortunately.

It was definitely disappointing to be turned away but had fun anyway. Maybe next year I will learn and buy tickets in advance.