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As you have probably noticed, LiveJournal now allows you to add "schools" to your profile. You can list the school and the years you went there. I figured, what the hell? I'll do it. Maybe I'll catch up with old friends. A quick saunter down memory lane and maybe I'll find out it's not really on the bad side of town.

The first school, Keystone, was easy enough. I couldn't enter my second high school or my second junior high school as they hadn't been added to the school list yet. I quickly rectified that and hopefully they'll be on there soon after LJ approves them.

Next I tried to enter my first elementary school. Couldn't find it. Then I googled for it. Couldn't find it. I hit Google maps. Found it, sort of. It's still there. It's now an "early childhood center" for preschool and Kindergarten. Then I saw the church where I actually went to Kindergarten. I don't remember much about that --- it was 34 years ago after all -- but I remember her. I don't remember her name. I don't remember her face. I remember her. She and I played together all the time. I remember playing hide and seek and finding her in the curtains. I remember her telling me she was moving away. I cried.

I vaguely remember promising that I could call her and we would somehow stay friends, but I didn't. She didn't call me either. Four years old and I had already learned the fine art of foreshadowing.

The next year, I was in first grade. Susie was busy telling everyone that she was going to marry me. Came over to the house once. Our new German Shepherd took a huge chunk out of her leg. I never got to play with that German Shepherd again. Or Susie, for that matter.

Next year it was Dina Robinson. This time, instead of her wanting me, I wanted her. She never knew I existed.

By the third grade, I was pretty jaded about love, being such an old hand at it and all. Then Kristie moved back to town. I had a huge crush on her on in the first grade and was upset when she moved away. Now here she was, being introduced by our third grade teacher, Mrs. Wittenborn. The teacher turned to Kristie and asked her how she spelled her name. Now was my chance. I stood up and answered for Kristie, telling Mrs. Wittenborn how to spell Kristie's name. I knew she would finally notice me.

She did notice me. I spelled her name wrong.
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