When it rains ...

So the current administration ain't lookin' too good right now. Osama bin Laden got away. They went into Iraq looking for weapons that weren't there. They're being accused of bungling the Katrina effort in Louisiana. The Republican Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist, is being investigated for securities fraud. The Republican House Majority leader has been indicted for money laundering. Two individuals in the White House are being suggested as those who leaked the name of one of our covert operatives (and Bush backing of his promise to fire anyone involved). Gas prices have gone through the roof, the economy appears to be stalled and even many Republicans are questioning Bush's decision to nominate his personal attorney for the Supreme Court.

What could possibly, possibly make things worse?

How about a spy in the White House?
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I thought it interesting what foreigners think of Bush. From their viewpoint, they basically think he's a bungling things and they for sorry for us. That came from Australians and New Zealanders and I never even provoked the question, they felt they had to tell me that since I was from America.
While I'm really not happy about being back in the UK, right now, I'm relieved that I'm not living in the US. This administration has managed to make it acceptable to not question what they're doing for fear of being branded unpatriotic.

I don't understand how they've managed it.

Then again, I know that the UK is one of the worst offenders for recording it's citizens by CCTV, and we've never really complained. Only a few people complained about the idea that by opposing the Govt you could be deemed to be promoting terrorism until that 80+ guy who complained at the Labour Party conference and people suddenly realised which direction the proposed legislation was taking the country.

Ho hum, sorry for the gloom doom, but it's grey and miserable in London today.
As I've told Mr. Tanuja before, I'd cheerfully trade spots with you (despite the CCTV).

I hope the English snap out of their malaise about what's going on. Letting your government stage a re-enactment of 1984 and shouting "kill, kill, kill" at muslims is hardly the way to make the world a better place.
I couldn't help but notice they put the picture of him with Gore on both pages. For most people, who wouldn't read the whole story (I did), it kinda looks like they're insinuating that he spied on Bush for the Democrats or he was a plant b the Dems.
BUsh has never been in high regard to me....and he has treated us rather shabby in the last few years I don't have all that much good to say about him