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Moving Object-Relational Mapping to the Database

For anyone who has ever used Object-Relational mapping, you know that it's usually something done in fancy code libraries. You also know that such mappers are often slow and buggy. Next Wednesday, Portland Perl Mongers will be presenting a talk on Moving Object-Relational mapping into the database. This talk assumes you know databases, but even though the examples are in Perl, it's not really about Perl so you don't need to know the language.

However, if you've ever stumbled on the Object-Relational impedance mismatch, this talk will show you a powerful technique for minimizing this problem. Further, you start leveraging the true power of databases and gain a performance boost both for the application in terms of speed and the developer in terms of development time.

MySQL users are excused as it turns out that this "database" is still too primitive to support the techniques discussed (though it's finally getting there).
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