Neil Gaiman

Sitting there, in a huge church, noticing that the organ's pipes looked like Turkish cigarillo's, when Neil Gaiman walked to the podium. A lady shouted out "I love you, Neil". Then, to my horror, I found myself shouting "so do I!"

_sister_madly_, pdx42 and I managed to show up at the Neil Gaiman reading/signing moderately well-lubricated. Seems we got there so early that only a few people were there before us. So we nipped over to a bar "for a drink". Or more. These things happen.

By the time we got back to the reading only a few people arrived after us.

And lest I embarrass her, I will not tell you about _sister_madly_'s attempt to bunny-hop up the stairs on a full bladder. I put her up to it and I knew she would regret it. I'm a bastard. She was cute. pdx42, upon hearing of this, just shook his head. He's kind of used to it by now.

All of this, of course, is how we showed up at the Gaiman's reading with a bit of a buzz, hence my outburst. Oops.

Possibly the best part of the evening, though, was pdx42 pointing out the sign on the wheelchair lift which thoughtfully reminded the wheelchair-bound that, in case of fire, they must use the stairs.

Nothing like a little ecumenical humor at the expense of the handicapped, eh?

The reading, by the way, was wonderful. At one point he called on a little girl for the Q and A session. He repeated her question for all to hear and said "that's a very good question". How very gracious. What a nice guy.

His latest book is Anansi Boys. Go buy it. It's fantastic.
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Wow! I saw him a couple of weeks ago and he was fantastic! I haven't started Anansi Boys yet but can't wait to. I have to finish the other reads first. Did you see my lime? He signed it but it is getting too old and nasty and I have to get rid of it soon :(

I think the story of the lime is fantastic. Don't give it up! Go ahead and let it rot forever but don't let it go. Maybe after a few years you can start telling people it's a dried kitten head with Gaiman's name on it or something :)
I don't even know who he is, but would have loved to be there just to see sister_madly bunny-hop, and you guys drunk. Admit it, publius_ovidius!
I had so much fun on Saturday night - thank you!