Do the math

I would post the URL, but it's a temporary URL that Yahoo! uses for slide shows, thus there won't be a page when most look at it.

In any event, for a photo showing fireworks launched in celebration of Hungary voting to join the EU, we have as part of the caption More than 85% voted for the accession to the EU and less than 17% against it.

In other news, I stopped smoking on the fifth of this month. That puts me at 19 days without a cigarette :)

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Good for you :) I haven't had a cigarette for ages either, but I seem to be absolutely immune to nicotine's addictive properties. I smoke ten a year, if that.

Are you quitting cold turkey, or do you have Nicotine Replacement Therapy?
The Patch (sort of)

I used the Patch for the first two weeks, but now I just slap one on if I'm going to go someplace where I might get exposed to too much temptation (for cigarettes, that is). For the most part, I've never felt a terribly strong physical addiction. I often would go for a day without smoking and not notice, or not have my first smoke until the evening. However, once the thought of the cigarette happened, I was doomed. Now that I seem to have broken the "I must smoke now" associations, I think it will be easier to deal with.