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Poll #580194 Serenity

Will you be seeing Serenity?

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I've been told I have to. I never did get into Firefly, but my husband really was. However, I really like MOST things by Joss Wheden, so I'm willing to give it a try.
It was praised highly ...
I have only seen one episode of Firefly, those in charge didn't take my schedule into account when scheduling the airing of it.

Looks interesting, so, yes.
The wife and I have tickets and the God-parents coming over to baby sit the Boy. We've been looking forward to the for sometime.
Never liked the show. I just couldn't understand the appeal of cowboys in space. The other major thing that turned me off was the fact that they were all too pretty. I wasn't real keen on the cinematography either.
Too pretty?
Certainly a matter of opinion ...

And cowboys in space ... the concept is fun, but admittedly, hackneyed, kinda like vampires in California ;).
Re: Too pretty?
Very true, but I find that his earlier shows, especially the earlier seasons, were far and away his best works. I'm worried that the pressure has gotten to him, or that he is starting to think too highly of himself. The man is slated to do Wonder Woman. Here's to hoping he can write a female character that isn't slapstick, most of the time.
Re: Too pretty?
Curious. I've heard Joss Whedon fans complain that Buffy and spinoffs were getting boring because after a while all of the characters were merely variations on a theme (I haven't seen Buffy, so I don't know).

The reason they enjoy Firefly is because while the characters are mostly outlaws they're all very different in who they are and the constant tension is the very delicate balancing act that Whedon has to maintain between the characters common needs holding them together and their extreme differences driving them apart. The latter is what started breaking the crew down at the end of the series.

I'll be the first to admit that the "cowboy" theme was stretched pretty thin in places but, for the most part, I thought it worked well (this coming from someone who is not a fan of Westerns).
Re: Too pretty?
Yes you can add me.

As for the "right" Westerns, which would those be? All in all, the entire era just does nothing for me.
Waiting for my local theater to show it... it should be about 2 or 3 weeks from now. As long as they don't skip it. Otherwise, I'll have to drive to the city and put up with their crap to see it.
Ok dumb question time. What is it?I can't tell if you're talking about a concert or movie????
Ok. I've seen an episode or two of Firefly. Was not realy impressed. Kind a weird. The one I remember was a girl accused of being a witch and the ones against her acting like they are from the salem witch trials! I didn't really get into it well.
I'll see it, but probably on DVD. I -loathe- Regal Cinemas and refuse to give them anymore of my money.
I don't mind you adding me at all. Thanks for asking.

As for the genre mix, I didn't mind too much when I watched the episodes, though it took a bit of getting used to. I haven't heard people talk like that since I lived in Texas. The novelization of the movie, however, was a bit much. The author decided that not only should the dialogue reflect the setting, the narrative should, too. Theoretically this is effective. In practice, it was awful. I can only wonder if the editors even bothered to read the damned book.