Knife Man

Bill Frist? Martha Stewart would like a word with you.

I don't hate him because he's a Republican hack. I hate him because he likes to kill cats. I hate Bill Frist for his lies about Terry Schiavo while pandering to the Christian Taliban in his crusade for the Presidency. Now Bill Frist is once again proving what an upstanding guy he is. The Senate Majority Leader recently sold all of his shares in his family's hospital two weeks before a bad earnings report caused the stock to take a serious drop. It's unknown how much stock had but from earlier reports it appears he had millions of dollar invested. He stood to lose a lot more money than Martha Stewart would have.

According to the article, the official line is that Mr. Frist, who votes on legislation that could affect his earnings, sold this stock to avoid ethics concerns. Of course, this begs the question of why Mr. Frist, in the Senate for 11 years, waited two weeks before a bad earnings report to bail out when he had previously refused to do so.

Good thing hurricane season is here. This scandal might just blow over.
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Re: WTF?
Yeah, real charming guy we have here. Just for once, I'd like some evidence that we have a high-ranking politician with lots of clout who turns out to a be a honest, decent person.
Re: WTF?
Politician? Honest, decent, person???? Does not compute!!! ROFLMBO!!!! Sorry, don't see it happening anytime soon!