Meme. You know. Ignore it.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bauhaus:
    I'm an old-school goth/industrial type. It's the band, not the architecture, that I appreciate.
  2. c++:
    Not much to say here, really. I keep wanting to learn more about the language, but don't.
  3. cooking:
    I'm a decent cook and I like experimenting in the kitchen.
  4. food:
    See previous interest.
  5. germany:
    It's a beautiful country. My father lives there and I've wanted to go back.
  6. java:
    This should almost not be here. I can't say I'm fond of the language, but I work with it from time to time.
  7. movies:
    I like movies, what can I say?
  8. perlmonks:
    This is the Web site that's largely responsible for my career. I joined it when I was first learning Perl and the people on the site patiently answered my questions but also taught me quite a bit about computer science. I stuck around for a while and started answering other people's questions. Eventually, I was well-known enough that I started getting job offers as a result. The rest is history.
  9. prolog:
    Ah, Prolog. What a lovely language. It has some problems, but being able to program in a language where you describe your problem rather than tell the computer how to solve it can be quite a joy. More people should learn logic programming.
  10. screenwriting:
    I once wrote a screenplay. It's crap. Don't laugh.

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So, will you be joining us at the Bauhaus concert on October 23rd? For a mere $35 (plus all those inconvenient 'convenience' charges), you can have an evening of old-school gothy bliss.
I think you and I have seriously different tastes in this regard. I've found Bauhaus architecture to be quite boring. Some of the buildings I've seen are nice, but the furniture I find quite ugly. Somehow, the idea of eliminating much of the embellishments of architecture and focusing on the functional is, well, sad.

As a contrast, I really like Gothic architecture. Over the top? Yes. But I still like it. I suspect that I'm in the minority in this regard, but I'd much rather live in a Gothic-inspired home than a Bauhaus one.

Oh well. No accounting for taste :)
Re: /me waves
I recall first running across you because of Perlmonks. I'm still a nobody though. :P hehe