Computer Security at the Naval Surface Warfare Center

You may have heard of the Naval Surface Warfare Center. Needless to say, this military Web site is dedicated to communicating information about research and implementation of Naval warfare. Since the security of the military is of vital importance, you might find the following quote just a little disturbing:

Writing Secure CGI Applications - Terribly little is included in DoD guidance on how to do this other than that you should do it. This link is a good starting point on the topic written by Curtis Poe.

It's disturbing in two ways. First, there's the suggestion that the DoD does not provide much information to their programmers about how to write secure applications. Second, they did not actually provide the link to my CGI security information (they used to. I don't know why it's gone).

heh...I've noticed that people confuse hacker with cracker also.
That *is* quite disturbing. I find it really odd that the DoD of all people wouldn't offer some sort of security training.
A bit off topic, but:

I once applied for a Perl programming job for the DoD through one of their private sector recruiting/consulting firms.
The short version of the story is the HR person I talked to said my resume' didn't sight in Perl experience. I thought this was funny being as the second section of my resume is a skills list and the first item on that list is "Expert Perl Programming with 6+ years experience".

So I guessing if the one of the DoD's private sector tech agencies does not have the reading comprehension skills necessary to read a resume', I'm also guessing they they can't put together a CGI security guidelines document let alone under stand those guidelines.

Maybe I'm just bitter because I didn't get a piece of government cheese.
I hate it when I make typos on comments because you can't go back and edit them :(
"sight in" = "sight any"
"Expert Perl Programming" = "Expert Perl Programmer"
"So I" = "So I'm"
"under stand" = "understand"
See? The Navy just can't get its act together. Now the Air Force on the other hand...

Biased? Me?