Blast! My plan to get that job and secretly funnel all Perl Foundation funds to RubyCentral has been foiled!

I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for those rotten Perl kids.
And we'll be watching you, too.

Of course, once Perl 6 is officially released, there will no longer be a need for Ruby. Time for you to start learning Pugs.
I glad to know I have someone like you overseeing my committee.
Unfortunately all of my assets are called for. Marissa doesn't share very well.
Well if you want to get technical, my assets have been allocated for the moth and there seem to be accruals for the foreseeable future.
Sorry but I had to interject.....
All your assets are belong to us! Don't ask.
Congrats bro! Hope you do awesomely well!
Love ya!
I have plans for World Domination, too. But, my plan includes creating ninja AI to impose my will on people (kinda like a gestapo). I figure that if I have enough ninjas manufactured then Domination will be inevitable.
I have similar plans only mine include waiting for all those who have assertive plans for domination to destroy each other while I wait.
Then I will just dominate whats left.