Frickin' ankle :(

I still can't run. My ankle feels fine to walk on but if I try a quick sprint to beat the traffic, I get that sharp twinge right there. Damn it.

It's bugging the hell out of me, but I realize that I'm going to have to stay off of it for a while ... again. I think part of the reason I enjoy running so much is that it allows me to worry less about what I eat. Despite loathing many things about Texas, I'm still a Texan. There are few things I enjoy more than a huge serving of deep-fried chicken giblets. And if the thought of a beer-battered gizzard sticks in your craw, that just means more for me.

When I can run again, that is.
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We missed your smiling face at the get together this weekend. Hope the ankle heals soon.
Crap. Yeah, I know. Sorry about that. There was just too much going on and I was exhausted. I had been planning on making it and instead tried to just take the day off to relax. It didn't quite happen, but I tried.
I know how you feel... my pain in my a** is still lingering around, even though I've dropped my miles considerably... am eating tons of GERMAN chocolate and will be very unhappy very soon,..
I'm trying to figure out how to put pics into this comment box, but am not successful. LJ's help pages blow! please help!
don't ask why I've capitalized german. probably because I feel bad for munching away on my mom's imports like there's an unlimited supply...
did you get x-rays?
You've been dealing with your ankle issue far too long now - you might have broken it. Even though you had some x-rays done after you've tripped/rolled your ankle (you had some taken, didn't you?), you should consider getting some x-rays redone now. Sometimes fractures don't show on x-rays if the surrounding tissue is too swollen. Or, if you would like to skip the hassle of the appointment and costs associated with it, you might want to consider getting an ankle brace and staying away from rough surfaces. Sorry that you're still in pain!
Thanks for your help - I'm an LJ illiterate idiot...
I never would have guessed you were from Texas.

As a New Mexican, I am required to hate most things about Texas. :D
Sprains sometimes take longer to heal then breaks. My ankle if you remember me breaking it in high school (mom broke hers the same day half an hour later) still gives me trouble. I can not run for any length of time on it. I can't jog effectively either. I turn it much to easily. I jerked it almost totally out of socket and it never has been right since. But this doesn't happen to everyone. However I can ride a bike without a problem. I just bought a new bicycle and plan to start riding again. I used to do at least 10 miles a day right before I left my ex-hate-life. I want to do that again. I was in really good shape!