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Day 9

Today is my ninth day of wearing the Patch and so far I've not had a single cigarette. I went out to Flux last night, but was very conscious of the cigarettes and my desire to have one, but I managed to hold off. I was only there for a couple of hours, though, and I didn't feel quite right. I think there's at least one person that I might have annoyed (sorry!), but for the most part the night went well.

In other news, tomorrow we'll find out if our Python programmer shows up to work. He was sent home Friday for being late and refusing to explain why. He's not handled our financial struggles well and his productivity has ground to a halt. We desperately need his project to get out the door to reassure some of the companies that we're working with, but I sat with him the other day and watched as he took over three hours to get the display name on a window to switch from "Product" to "Category", depending upon what his application was viewing. It looks grim.

I tried learning Python this weekend only to discover that the book I bought was horribly out of date. I have a general grasp of the language and can probably function as a maintenance programmer but his Python project is huge and if I have to take it over, it will be difficult. On the other hand, I can't imagine that I'll be any slower than he is.

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