Free time? What free time?

Silly me. I thought I would have free time lately and instead I found myself volunteering to write some software for Energy Element. They're a non-profit putting on a biofuel conference here in Portland. Unfortunately, one of the people involved had to withdraw due to other commitments. As a result, much of their external communication has broken down. I volunteered to write some software that would allow their creative director to send out mass, customized emails to the people involved in the event.

It feels close enough to spamming that I feel like I need to shower afterward but it's for a good cause. Biofuel is an important alternative energy source, she's a good friend and I feel bad about how she got stuck with a thankless task. It would have taken her a couple of days to get this work done. Instead, I spent a few hours importing some very disorganized data into a database, Schwern built the shell of a Web app and the mailing software and I finished it up. It has some weird "broken pipe" errors from SQLite, but since I made the entire application stateless, it's easy to recover from. Unfortunately, as it's a rough hack, she has to use my computer to run it, but it works. It took her only a few minutes to write the email and customize it.

In other news, I'm not running because I sprained my left ankle. I'm not climbing because I popped something in my left shoulder. And I aggravated a 20 year old injury in my right big toe. Damn it.

And today I'm writing a test suite for the JavaScript used in Bricolage 2.0. I'm so new to this that it reminds me of the painful days of first writing tests in Perl.
"They're a non-profit putting on a biofuel conference here in Portland."

I hope "biofuel" does not mean "ethanol". I couldn't tell from the web page.
I know the truth. You're writing porn spam.


Yeah, don't feel too dirty. Like you said, it's not quite spamming and it's for a good cause. It seems more like a work saving device than actual spam.
I sympathise with your imjuries.

But this proves one fact - Exercise is hazardous to your health.
Check your email. Maybe pics of Bobbi killing a pink teddybear will take your mind off your injuries for a few seconds! LOL Remember you said cats are more fun than a barrel of money....Although I would rather have a barrel of money!
hm. i'll have to check that out ...

know if it works inside chromes?

i'm developing a javascript sdk for retail displays.
It should be able to work inside of them. Much of this stuff is relatively new so you'd want to install the JSAN libraries and get it to run that way. Some of the installation functionality is in Perl, but the if you install stuff manually, no Perl is required. Thus, chrome should have no problem.

Javascript SDK? That sounds pretty cool. If you're willing to test everything with the TAP protocol, you might find this idea interesting. It's my idea for integrating Javascript tests with code written in other languages.

And we could have that beer if you ever reply to my email or just send email yourself :)