Tonight: Noir

Hey, if any Portlanders are going to be out tonight, check out Noir. Hope to see you there!

Decadent 80's every first Friday at Noir. ( No Cover)

Remember the Decadence, the Glam, the Music of the 80's club and after hours scene? We're bringing it back first Fridays at Noir. Once a month we will be dusting off our old vinyl and bringing you some music you
haven't heard in years. There will be an original Atari 2600 with all your favorite games on hand , Pac Man, Mrs. Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Defender and many more... Dressing the decade is encouraged. The staff will dress and there will be 80's drink specials all night.

No Cover...9pm to 3am Your djs will be Nevermore and dj NoN.

Noir 203 SE Grand 21& up 503.231.2925
If I ever manage to get to Portland, will you take me to Noir? London doesn't have a weekend 80s night anymore.
I'd be quite happy to. Regrettably, most clubs here are 21+ because, you know, if you expose a 19 year old to alcohol, civilization will inevitably collapse. We wouldn't want that happening, now would we?
I'm 43! If you and I don't bring Portland to it's knees no one will! LOL
Isn't tonight the Second Friday?
May try to make it tonight, have another party to go to first but if we don't stay to late , we may head on over. Always on the look out for new decent clubs.

PS: added you as a friend.. Just letting you know so you don't think I'm a troll :)
Re: Isn't tonight the Second Friday?
Added you back.

Sorry I didn't respond earlier; I will later! I've been very busy today and now I'm running out the door. As for Goth clubs, I highly recommend Noir on Saturday nights, though I don't know that I'll be able to make it out at all this weekend as I'm tied up for much of it.