Ugh. I don't know if you were watching the news last night, but we were watching a report on a hotel in an area that was hit hard by the hurricane raising their prices to 199.00 a night. They said "our reasons for raising the prices was not to make money, but to keep certain types of people out."

Oh that's just lovely. To keep the poor out? What the HELL? I wish I would have caught the name of the hotel because I'd like to start a letter/phone call campaign.
Certain types...
Wouldn't you love to be next to them with a bigger motel and lower your prices just to spite them???? LOL I think it's sad how people think anymore. Hello! This ain't the fifties anymore peeps!
Re: Certain types...
Yes!! I would post a sign saying "certain types of people WELCOME!"

Okay, maybe that'd sound bad, too.

It really amazed me that the hotel thought that this was a valid (and understandable) reason to raise their prices.
I heard a clip today of Sean Hannity talking to the Louisiana Attorney General, who commented that for some people the 'looting' is necessary to stay alive (you know, seeing as how food and fresh water are in short supply). Hannity responded by arguing that the A.G. was 'minimizing' the looting problem. What a dumbfuck.
I wonder if it would be looting if it was his home and people?? Must be NICE to have money and protection.
I really think the Pres. is showing his lack of compassion and concern for the American People
He should be immediately withdrawing the troops from Iraq... have the soldiers work toward helping the many thousands of people who need assistance within the United States. Instead of spending billions of dollars on this war (which I will not even get into here)... put that money towards helping Americans. Get your priorities straight, Bush!
This is a catastrophic nightmare. When will the government realize this?

*An observer in Canada deeply saddened by what is going on in S.USA states.
It's sad...
What happened to us in America. But DON'T you DARE turn this into a war issue! I am damn proud of my Marine husband who is fighting over in Iraq right now! You aren't an American and have NO right to judge our policies. And since WHEN does Bush have to tell you about everything he's doing behind the scenes to help out? God- I hate ignorant people!!!!!!!!!