Dark Alice Ball

Last Saturday was the one year anniversary of Noir, a local club I hang out at. They were having a "Dark Alice" masquerade ball. Photos were taken.

I went as the White Rabbit (sort of). I was one of the ones chosen for the costume contest. I'm the guy with the severed bunny heads at his waist. The lady on the far right of the photo (whose upper body is covered by little more than two strategically placed cakes reading "eat me") is my friend Andrea. The photo is moderately not safe for work.

My apartment is now covered in headless bunny carcasses and rabbit heads. I was surprised how disturbed I felt cutting the heads off of toys. _sister_madly_ was at my apartment and was kidding me that cutting off their heads shouldn't be that bad. I handed her a rabbit head and a pair of scissors.

"Cut its eye out."

She refused and agreed that it was, in fact, that bad.
Rabbits heads
Hand me the scissors bro! I'll cut the darn things up! LOL That's a riot! I love your costume! Hugs!
Oh good, no bow-head in the pictures. hahaha.

An' you guys must be moralistic or something, cutting animals up is funny. I yelled for you at the contest.
Thank you for posting these! Oh I miss that dark little freak show of a Portland goth nightlife.
lol I used to look at my sister on Easter and hold up the little chocolate bunny.....I would leat the little bunny tail....then the little bunny arms and feet........then the ears .....then the head and hand her the rest saying I was done with it.

but I do have to agree I am not sure I would be able to handle cutting something up that was looking at me all cute and all

It was truly good to see you
My husband gets disturbed when I bite the heads off peeps.

Alice in Wonderland is awesome, even more so if done dark and morbidly. HATE what Disney did to the story.

'Course, I may just be saying that, having all that pride in my name and crap. But how many Alices do you know who can say they're related to the orginal Alice, hmm?
yes that might disturb me....When I did this one picture sculpture thing I smashed a bunch of angel statues and cherubs andf the whole time I kept thinking "crap I am so going to hell for this"