Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Support our Troops? "No", says Bush

Apparently, the current administration is further demonstrating their support of our troops by cutting their resources even more.

  • The VA has 20,000 fewer employees than in 1996
  • Since 1995, VA hospital enrollment has increased by 1.7 million
  • Another 600,000 will enroll this year
  • New $250.00 enrollment fees have been imposed
  • Outreach programs are being scaled down
  • Many vets will have to wait up to 10 months for treatments
  • Some VA clinics and hospitals cannot afford to admit new patients
  • Almost a million veteran disability claims are still pending

How has the Bush administration and the Republican controlled Congress responded to this?

By trying to cut $15 billion over 10 years from the VA budget. $463 million will be cut next year, if this goes through. This means, amongst other things, that over 9,000 VA physicians will have to be cut.

Bush is directly furthering the crisis. His request for an extra $62.6 billion in funding for our troops in Iraq (and allegedly for the Iraqi people) includes slashing $150 million to schools attended by military dependents.

I have heard people tell me that my voicing opposition to the war makes me a traitor and that somehow I don't support our troops. Since when is my exercising my right to free speech traitorous? Since when is asking that our troops not be sent to their death not supporting them? I wonder what Bush's economic policy is and and I keep hearing "let's kill Saddam". Something is wrong here and I suggest that people who bury their heads in the sand and are willing to say "my country right or wrong" are the real traitors.

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