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I'm thinking about getting a custom t-shirt printed.

Why do

I need to wear that when I go running.
Run through some fundie neighbourhoods. You'll have a load of em on your tail to encourage you to keep up your speed :)
That's funny!

But a question begs an answer and God damn I could go the rest of my life without talking to a Christian again.
That's awesome. There's a new bidniz venture for you... anti-fundamental casual wear.
that would nicely compliment my "God Damn America" t-shirt.
I love America and you know I am a christian bro. I do kind of understand what you mean though. I think christians who don't love America need to remember we have freedom of religion which they don't have in some other countries. Somewhere in Africa they were killing christains just a few years ago. Probably still are. They should be thankful for america. Ok....You have my two cents. Love ya!
Absolutely! Isn't it ironic that many of our ancestors came to this land centuries ago to escape the religious control fundamentalists are seeking today?
Re: Christians
If you do that, we'll have to change the code from bus proof to bullet proof!

Re: Christians
Hmmm...   That's a damn broad brush-stroke you got there, my friend.

I sure understand where you're coming from and agree with substantial chunks of your thoughts.   Nonetheless, it's seems quite condescending to lump me (and saucee, evidently) into the same bunch with the extremist religious right whom you so rightly disdain.   Fwiw, Jesus of Nazereth seems to have strongly shared your anger with polito-religious leaders.   He read them the riot act, and held no punches.

How about "Why Do Religious Extremists Hate America?", instead?   It loses much of the pithy-ness of yours, but adds an irony-of-comparison that should be self-explanatory.

P.S. Regarding the (not-very-Christ-like) christian right,I'm reminded of a paraphrase "Be ye transformed by the *renewal* of your mind (not removal)" that applies to a sadly large number of outspoken believers.

Re: Christians
LOL As his sister I know he doesn't mean it to hurt me. I love the fact he isn't afraid to stand up and yell!
Re: Christians
I know the question is overly broad but, believe it or not, I have given a lot of thought to this.

I have two general lines of thought. One, the question is so outlandish that for anyone to take it seriously would be astounding. However, many don't bat an eyelash when Fox's yellow journalists and other ask "why do liberals hate America?" Some undoubtedly do, but not many. And I certainly don't hear Christian leaders rising up en masse to protest this stereotyping.

That leads to my second line of thought. Yes, religious extremists have managed to dominate much of the thinking of this country and they struggle to create their Christian Taliban, but where are the other Christians? Despite some Christians claiming the extremists are in the minority, where is the nation-wide movement to take your religion back from the bigots? I hear many decent-minded individual Christians (you and my sister, for example) who deplore what is happening, but only as individuals. Occasionally I hear a Church or two issue a statement, but all in all, Christians in this country don't seem very worked up about the extremists. I suspect that many of them aren't as upset about the bigotry and intolerance as they might publicly claim (just as when politicians in the 60s were talking about equal rights for races though they were members of the Klan or supported such groups).

I realize that the question might offend you and I am sorry about that but I have begun to doubt that serious discussion will work on anything but a one on one basis. If I want to get the attention of the masses, I have to provoke them. Yesterday, I had that printed up on a hat. I'm generally not given to wearing hats, but I started wearing that one. My thought is that it's OK to take it off when the religious extremists go away or when the decent Christians rise up to take their religion back from the hatemongers.
Re: Christians
No offense was taken, yo. It strengthens my own (mind|heart) of faith to hear out peeps who (think|feel) differently than I.

But I probably should have recognized your initial statement as being tongue-in-cheek or intentionally exaggerated. As for conservative rhetoric ("why do liberals hate America"), my limited observations/interactions lead me to seriously suspect that even if they're not uttered in utter seriousness, they're often received quite literally by their conservative (listen|read)ers.

And your question of why non-rightwingextremistChristians don't engage in some national movement against the rightwingextremistChristians is a fair one. I'd not really thought of it those terms before. Personally, it feels to me that the religio-political right is like the crazy uncle that 'most every family has. You know, the one who lives under the stairwell and mumbles to himself and drools. Embarrassing at best, humiliating at times, painful at worst, but family is family, right. Of course this is just a veryvery loose analogy from someone without proper words to articulate properly, so please don't explore it as anything more than that.

Yet another facet of my generally-uncomfortable relationship with the religious right is that it's far too easy for me to be critical of them for the myriad ways in which they're deeply whacked and forget that in reality I fall equally short of Jesus' example and instruction. "Judge not lest ye be judged..." and "First pry the beam from your own eye, then help your neighbor with the mote of dust in his eye..." and all that good stuff. Too many times in my own life have I been a poster boy of sorts for the "evils of liquor", so to speak, so on occasion I find it good to learn from the mistakes of others. KnowWhatImeanVerne?

And a third thought o'mine is that Jesus himself appears in all credible accounts to have been not-at-all political, rather concerned with individual human beans and their plight in life. So I strive to live similarly. This resonates quite distinctly with my own personality, so I could easily be missing some key point here from being biased.
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