Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

The New, Socially Acceptable Ku Klux Klan

Yes, it' Ovid up on his moralistic high-horse again.

There's a new Klan on the loose. 'Cept they ain't huntin' themselves no niggers. No sirree. They's huntin' faggots. They support George W. Bush and George W. Bush, in turn, supports them. They hate faggots, and bisexuals, the occasional muslim and anyone else that it's still OK to hate.

They still lynch people, too. It's not just some rednecks having a bit of fun. Matthew Sheppard is dead. That's murder. That's murder which is encouraged when we tell ourselves we have more important things to do. Many others are dead, or their lives are made a living hell because good people are looking the other way. Marriages lie in ruins because the new Klan hates anyone who doesn't agree with them. They're teaching their children to hate. They're teaching your children to hate. If they have their way, their hatred will be enshrined in the Constitution of the USA. While many other countries are eschewing bigotry and allowing people to marry those whom they love, the United States, under the "leadership" of a smiling bigot, is continuing on this path of shame.

For those of you who have studied history, there's hope. As you may recall, the Klan was a powerful force in the first half of the Twentieth Century. Here in Oregon, it wasn't easy to get elected if you didn't have the support of the Klan. The Klan also managed to pass a law that almost shut down Catholic schools. Across the country, this once-powerful force opposed blacks marrying whites, didn't want "special rights" for black people and while it was too late to keep blacks out of the military, they still fought to keep them away from white people.

In fact, if you read many of the things that were written back then, you'll find that racists often hid their messages of intolerance behind messages of concern. Blacks shouldn't marry whites because it would hurt the children. We should outlaw marijuana because it made white women want to sleep with Mexicans. Blacks should stay in their own school because they do better with their own kind. Of course, while these messages are appalling today, in a culture where racism is not frowned up, these don't sound nearly as shocking -- or as hateful.

Today the situation is different. While some people sat around and debated when it would be a good time to let black people be treated fairly, others had the courage to stand up for decency. The Klan died out and while there are a few of them still around, even those who support them at least know enough to keep quiet about it.

In Oregon, governor Ted Kulongoski has made it clear he cares more about the polls than about human rights. Fifty years ago, we would have been very apologetic to the blacks as he told them to go back to their schools. But he, like others who support bigotry and in turn are supported by the bigots, will find their way into history books. They'll be the standard bearers of hate and children will read about Kulongoski and shake their heads. The David Duke's of this world are at least honest about their bigotry. The callous likes of Kulongoski, Bush, and others like them are the one's we really need to stand up to.

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