Just a couple of days after posting that I was unmotivated to run, today I did my first five mile run. 48:36. Damn.
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damn! rock on!!! I'm trying not to push myself toooo hard. My legs just feel like lead when I jog. I didn't even finish a mile without stopping today, but I guess considering I've gone jogging all of maybe 6-7 times that could be worse. I did go 2 1/2 miles, but only 1 mile of it was jogging (walked for 3/4 of 1 lap in there)....I think it was too warm and I was dehydrated, but either way it ticked me off. Good job with your run, my friend! :)
My earliest runs were always a mixture of walking and running, so that's normal. Careful about the dehydration, though, particularly in the next few days. I had a serious dehydration/possible heat stroke issue a couple of weeks ago and it was horrible. I wound up getting very dizzy, nauseated, and had a lot of trouble walking home. It's not fun and I'm being much more careful now.
good advice. that's one nice thing about the workout room (with fan/AC), treadmill and cable TV. heh.
Well, actually I've been jogging since February or March and slowly building up, so it's not that terribly quick. From what I've read, it appears that most people make rapid gains when they first start running. It's the long-term which is harder to make gains on.

Basically, I bought good running shoes (very important to have good shoes or you can injure yourself) and just kept slowly adding distance to my runs.
that's a good point....i need better shoes. the shoes i have are great, but they are more of a cross-trainer than a running shoe and are a bit heavy.
The problem with that approach, particularly with running, is that it significantly increases the risk of injury. Part of the reason I had to stop training for a bit is I managed to push myself too hard and injured myself. I have another friend who gave up running altogether because she did the same thing. The cardio-vascular system builds quickly and easily, but the skeleto-muscular system has to be built up more carefully.

And I am familiar with the Newport Marathon. My friend Silke just ran in (her first) in 3:30. She was upset because she held back too much and actually had enough energy at the end that she went out running afterwards. We call her the Terminatrix (her German accent helps.)
yo, random thing.
Remembering your comments earlier about wondering how to measure distances for your routes, I thought you might find this of interest if you haven't seen it yet already:

(A nice google maps hack to allow you to plot a route and determine the distance. Even counts your calories burned, if you're into that.)