The Road Trip

Last weekend I went on a road trip with celibot to Crater Lake.

Whoops. No I didn't. I've had to apologize to a couple of people for blowing them off due to the the road trip which happened this weekend.

We had a blast and stayed in a wonderful hotel whose name I (naturally) do not recall. We also decided Crater Lake is beautiful, rock fights with pumice aren't too bad and accidentally shaving off one's nipple would be unfortunate. We weren't even drunk at the time.

In driving down, celibot pointed out a particularly ridiculous bumper sticker:
If you can read, thank a teacher.
If you speak English, thank a soldier.

I wondered how many bumpers in Iraq sported said sticker.

In coming back home, I passed up an opportunity to spend the evening with _sister_madly_ and pdx42. I had just gotten home and thought I was too tired. After a bit, I realized that I wasn't too tired. I just wanted some down time and I took the opportunity to go running. It was my first three mile run since the injury. I was really happy with that and as I got back home, I noticed that I wasn't tired in the slightest and, in fact, felt really really good. Then I took off my running shoes and noticed my left sock was soaked in blood.

Fortunately, the culprit was merely a poorly trimmed toenail, quickly rectified, but that was a bit disturbing.

Another point to ponder: why is it that so many Republicans scream about smaller government and how we can't trust the government but have no trouble trusting the Bush administration? So many times they have trouble even articulating their specific grievances with our "untrustworthy" government but are quick to defend against the very specific grievances one can cite against Bush.
Hmmm, my dad is interested in seeing Crater Lake when he comes out later this month. I can only find two places to stay (both operated by the National Forest Service) and they are both booked. If you would not mind helping a girl out and finding out the name of the place you stayed, or another place near the lake that he might want to stay at, this particular girl would appreciate it.

And you were missed at todays gathering. Too bad you could not be in two places at once. :)
That would be Dawson House Lodge, in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Chemult. Very cozy lodge with comfortable rooms, and reasonably priced. The hosts are very nice people - Ray loves to talk. Just steer clear of politics. :)
No problem. Enjoy!

Word of advice...if you dine at the Chalet, avoid the chicken fried steak like the plague.
Yeah, the chicken fried steak was fascinating. I kept noticing a strange taste to it, but I couldn't quite place it. Then I got back to the hotel and promptly unswallowed all of it. Not fun.

Well, I don't see how I will be able to make the Crater Lake trip with dad (school and all) but I will let him know.
why is it that so many Republicans scream about smaller government and how we can't trust the government but have no trouble trusting the Bush administration?
One could just as easily ask why you'll trust a large government, but not one headed by Bush. In your case, the answer is that you have no problems with the principle of a large government, but plenty of problems with how Bush runs one; in their case, they think that there are problems with the principle, but Bush can run one well enough to compensate for them. In a sense, they're more worried about what future large governments will do, and with what the current one is doing outside of Bush's control.

Personally, the only thing I trust Bush to do is the stupidest thing possible, which fortunately usually isn't the worst thing possible.
Actually, I'm not particularly wild about large government myself. However, there are certain things that the government does better than the private sector. Setting prices is not one of them. Raising an army is.
My former supervisor had that same sign up outside his office. I think it meant to say that of it weren't for soldiers, English would not be our national language. The language would be whichever country we are supposed to fear/hate the most at the time. Not saying I agree, just that I kind of got the gist.
sounds like a fun trip (well besides the chicken fried steak incident).

is tonight a go? shall i come to chez toi at 6ish??

in vino veritas!