Working *from* coffee shops

For my job, I basically work anywhere I can find a 'net connection. Usually this is at home, but it's nice to get out once in a while. Can anyone recommend nice coffee shops (or similar) in downtown Portland with free Wifi that don't mind me hanging out for hours on end? (I buy food and coffee, so I'm not a complete freeloader.)
Don't know if this is of any use:

I'm looking for a spot near my place in Montreal too. it'd be nice to have a coffeeshop to flake at during the morning... unfortunately most are located more towards downtown. I'm sure i'll find one somewhere though!
That's a great idea. I need to look into that here. I think a coffee shop up the street, which also has Bubble teas/smoothies, has free WiFi. Gotta check that out. Way more fun than my home office.
Ummm... our friend Ducky owns a scottish coffee shop on 56h and Burnsid, not downtown but free wi-fi, british goodies to munch on, cricket games on thee telly, usually really good music, comfy arm chairs to sink into, plus supporting keeping him in business because he's cool.
Goldrush Coffee Bar on NE MLK and Russel has free WiFi, good food and coffee. greekolive uses it has her 'office' regularly. :)
Agree on Goldrush
About to be voted best coffee shop in Portland in the WW. A "must try." Great little place! There is also a very nice place on SE 35th pl and Division. Kinda out of the way, but the coffee is *great*, windows like mad, quiet and you could stay as long as you want (rumor has it that it's across the street from the oldest porn theatre in Oregon... not that I would go to see such stuff :)

Re: Agree on Goldrush
I may just have to go check out Goldrush.

And it's great to read about your running and biking. Congrats! (And of course you wouldn't see a porno. Ever. Not you. Never thought that for a bit. Really.)
Re: Agree on Goldrush
Thank you. My legs have never been this strong and toned up. Still too fat though for my liking (although overall, I think I'm good, see my photos) I think I will go back and re-incorporate the "Body for Life" schedule into my regiment. That is just the best, least time-consuming workout that really works.

And you are right. No porn for me. I'm very delicate. Pushed over the edge with ease. Too EASily taken advantage of. Well... ok, maybe once.

And I'm so proper in person!