The project is over, so I'm going out again. This makes a very happy Ovid. I hung out with Silke and pdx42 today, with _sister_madly_ making a last minute appearance. Later, despite having very sore legs from running and biking, I went dancing at Noir. What a great way to kick off a three day weekend, though I must admit that my legs hurt. hrpukensheet was kind enough to play some Pigface and koschei23 spun some nice music, as usual. I danced much of the night away and just pretty much forgot about everything. This was good.

The only down part of the night was me, as usual, being tongue-tied around attractive women. One day I'll learn, I swear.
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I can't imagine you tounge tied around anyone....I went dancing on friday I loves ta dance
Oh, trust me. It happens. Usually no one is terribly interested in a deep discussion on software design or politics, so I find myself scrambling for things to say.
Damn... we drove past noir but the inside looked very dead... was it busy?
It was very dead at first, but picked up closer to the end of the night. I think most folks were out and about for the 4th.