iPod shuffle

I just installed the software for my new iPod shuffle. How did I wind up with one? My boss and his wife bought me one as a combined birthday present and "thank you" for the work I did while they took time off for their newborn daughter. Yay me! (and them!)
heh. my bank's giving them away free right now.
reminds me.. gotta finish filling out the paperwork to get mine.
Oddly enough, I just got a Shuffle today too, with the proceeds from some web design work. Perfect timing, since I'm about to hop on a plane for several hours. (I'm bringing a laptop so I can work on my SoC project.) It definitely looks to be a handy little gadget...
I got a shuffle right after release. I absolutely love it. It's on my lanyard around my neck right now even. Greatest thing ever.

I also have an iPod mini, but I find that I prefer the shuffle more. It's so light, it's like I don't even have it on, and I don't have to have a cable to hook it up and use it flashdrive-style with a PC, and really, a gig of music is plenty for just about everything I do or everywhere I go. If I were on an international flight for several hours, I think I'd like the mini more, but for everyday use, the shuffle is great.

Hope ya like it.