I see that Advanced Perl Programming, 2nd Edition is finally out. If you're a Perl programmer, I highly recommend it. I was one of the technical reviewers and I was quite happy to see that this version is actually relevant. You probably won't benefit from every chapter (not everyone needs templating, for example), but unlike much of the criticism I heard leveled at the 1st edition (which was still a better book than I think people gave it credit for), this book addresses real-life needs and you don't need to be "advanced" to learn from it.
I think people misunderstood what APPv1 was supposed to be. People expected super cool tricks and niftiness like what Damian would publish a little while later. In reality, it was supposed to talk about sides of Perl that no one really talked about. The only major problem I had with it was the XS chapter. They should have been in better touch with p5p about releases and the current state of the world so that chapter would be more relevant when the book was released. oh well.

and yes, APPv2 is a goodly book. :)
also, preorder Damian's Perl Best Practices which will be hitting shelves in the next week or so. Copy #0 was auctioned off at YAPC (and went for 1500$) :)
I own AVP ed #1 and I don't think it's so bad, though I haven't looked at it in forever.
In fact I don't look at programming books more than the first time I read through them, eh.
I've always liked Damian's stuff, so I'm definitely going to have to at lead flip through Perl Best Practices when it comes out.
Snagged me a copy of this at YAPC. Nice quote from you on the back, too ;) Looking forward to reading it!
Nah. Don't trust it. Doesn't include Randal, and damn it, how do I know that the author has the right blend of Perl and Beer to make a good O'Reilly manual??? :)
I wanted to buy the first edition for awhile, but I never felt validated in doing so - it seemed pretty dated. I'm so glad they finally have a second version out.