ID Theft Police Report

A number of folks in the slashdot crowd called me a liar about my catching the ID thieves. I've been a bit of a slug about it, but I finally received the police report (3.4 Megs). That file contains 10 pngs. The first 8 are the police report. The next two contain some interesting arrest information about the individual who wasn't charged.

What's really interesting is how much information was left out of those reports. I know that there's a considerable amount of information given to the police that isn't present there.
Why wasn't the one guy charged?

I just read the story yesterday and was amazed at how you tracked the villains down! Good job!
*Very* cool
This is a very cool story. Makes one wonder how many of these thieves would be caught if the police (the ones with the experience) were actually available. It does remind me of a story about a guy who was calling the police but they wouldn't come because his problem wasn't severe enough, so he shot someone. Not that you did something that bad, but if you had not placed yourself in harm's way, they would never have gotten there to catch them.

I couldn't read the report, but I know that although it may be obvious to any reasonable person with brain that these guys are guilty, the law has to have certain things in play before they have a case they can make work. Certain elements for a particular crime. It's like with shoplifters. We can watch them shove garments and watches into their pants even getting it on video. But, if we don't actually see them taking the merchandise off the shelf first, we can't get them.

It must be the same thing here. They will have to be able to connect these particular people to specific instances (time, place, signature, etc.) of the use of your card. I know also, in the past, each identity stolen must be its own provable case with people willing to press charges. I don't know if that is still the case. If it is, you might be waiting quite while so that all needed evidence can be gathered. The more legally provable info they have the longer these guys stay in jail. Also, the more cases, the more names they can attach to the fraud as well, the more people go to jail, blah, blah, blah. It is a long and very tedious process.

Keep us posted

-GOOD LUCK moving forward. -B
I believe you, if that's any consolation lol. If some people think you're lying, that's their problem.
Damn. This is fascinating. I wonder how common this is?

One thing which particularly bothered me about my case is that the officer had apparently stated that I was not interested in pursuing the matter (not true!) and later a note was added that I had changed my mind. I don't know where the hell that came from. No one ever asked me whether or not I wanted to press charges.
I believe you my dear...I have lost some faith in the police over the years long story but they must have has reason to leave stuff out