Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Running Weight

I’ve been doing a bit of reading about sprains and I’ve discovered that many people are back on their feet after only a few days. Others are out for weeks. Since my sprain was rather mild and seemed to heal quickly and since I had not run for two weeks, I decided to test it with a light run. The day before yesterday, I ran a mile. Yesterday, I ran two miles. Today, my legs hurt, but it’s a good muscle hurt. I won’t run today. I'll just take it easy and see how my legs do, but this is good news.

In other good news, I weighed in at 179.4 pounds this morning. This means I have lost 30 pounds. It also means I am at my “plateau”. After crossing the 180 barrier in my twenties, I’ve never been able to drop below this weight. Low fat diets did not do it. Low calorie diets did not do it. Atkins did not do it. The fads, for me, were just that. It remains to be seen whether or not a healthy lifestyle is what I needed all along (yeah, there's a wee bit of sarcasm there.)

Oh, and I also did 20 pushups and 10 reps on the wheel of pain. Today, my entire body is sore.

And today is the day I might find out if my potentially good news will come to fruition.
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