Just out of curiosity, how would you interpret the meaning of the following two sentences?

The chicken is ready to eat.
The children are ready to eat.

I understood their "meaning" the first time I read them. Then I realized their meanings are rather contradictory. Language is such a fascinating thing.

(If you're a Perl programmer, those sentences are examples that Larry Wall used to explain multi-method dispatch in the context of natural language.)
***logical error***
false assumption in object 'Child': eatable = 0

if ( (animal OR plant) == TRUE )
int eatable = 1;

Since a child is an animal (and so is a chicken) this means that they are inherently eatable, as the animal object is a parent to the Child object. The only caveat would be if the animal were poisonous when killed, and Child passes this test, since they are not poisonous when killed.

This takes precedence over your arbitrary reasoning that Child is not eatable, therefore you are incorrect in your logic.

Jesus, I'm fucking warped.
OK, that's just hot.

Why is it that programming theory is so exciting and hot, but in practice, it sucks donkey shi?
Jackie Chan looks pretty exciting, but your first year or two of martial arts can be pretty damned boring in comparison.

Computer science is very, very cool, but when you first start in programming, it's boring as hell.
You know, I can't quite figure out why HUFU is so disgusting to me. I mean, it's not real, but then, is it the thought that counts?

Of course, despite the disclaimers of the creator, I still suspect it's a joke that will never be available.
now, this is interesting. I'll share with you my thought process...

The chicken is ready to eat.

I had a picture in my head of a hungry chicken deciding between seeds and corn. I reread the sentence once and then thought that maybe it related to 'meal ready to eat' (MRE).

I then saw:
The children are ready to eat.
Went with the idea that I just had of kids crowded around the table, and then went back to my normal instinct of a bunch of kids on a spit slow-roasting.

Since I don't eat much chicken and much prefer children to chicken, I'm wondering if I had these presented to me in the opposite manner, would I have thought spit/table/MRE/hungry?

Either way, I read them either way.

-tales of a paedovore.
My favorite two are:

What's this thing called love?
(which can be read 5 different ways depending on how you read it or punctuate it)


I didn't say you were stupid.
(which can be read 6 different ways depending on which would you emphasize)
this is totally irrelevant, but there's a sentence in colloquial welsh which goes as follows:
mae da da du 'da dad i

English pronounciation would be somethig like:
my dah dah dee dah dah dee

the sentence translates as:
my father has good black cattle.

You probably have to be a welsh speaker to appreciate this.

Sorry, I must be bored today lol

I agree that language is a fascinating thing though.
welsh spelling is totally phonetic (to a welsh speaker), but it has grammatical pitfalls to rival Latin! There are things called "treigliadau", I can't think of an english word for them, maybe "mutations" is the closest.
Maybe an example would explain things...
the welsh word for dog is "ci" (pronounced like key)
the welsh word for cat is "cath" (pronounced like carth)
"ci" is a masculine word
"cath" is a feminine word
The welsh word for "the" is "y"
the dog is "y ci"
the cat is "y gath" the c has to change to a g because "cath" is feminine.

if a word begins with a vowel e.g. the word for river is "afon"
the river is "yr afon" - y changes to yr (pronounced urrr)
All this is perfectly natural to a welsh speaker, it's only when I have to explain it that I see that welsh would be a difficult language to learn.
The welsh alphabet is:
A B C Ch D E F Ff G H I J L Ll M N O P Ph R Rh S T Th U W Y
A E I O U W and Y are vowels.

I don't know how it compares to Gaelic as I'm not familiar with any of the forms of Gaelic.
Oh no....don't confuse me sweetheart is welsh and speaks it fluently, among other languages....and is trying to tell me it's not that difficult! "groan"
The children are ready to eat.
If you have children like mine you no longer wonder why animals eat their young....There have been times....."coughs"
it was good seeing you last night and conversing and such

really =)

i died haha