The ankle

Had a fabulous time on the wine tour. Learned a hell of a lot about wine and how it interacts with food. I actually found myself enjoying Zinfandels and Chardonnays, something that's never happened before. Mixing them with the right food seems to be key.

While on the tour, I noticed my left ankle hurting more and more. Today, I'm waiting for a callback from my doctor. I need to get my ankle looked at. I'm probably going to miss the Portland Marathon. I still plan to train for a marathon, it just won't be the one in October. Damn it.
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That's a drag about your ankle. Maybe you could ride in a rickshaw for the Marathon.
I hope it's nothing serious. Don't let it get in the way of your keeping yourself as ready as you can be, even if you can't train for THIS marathon. Keeping yourself as fit as you CAN in the meantime makes it that much easier for next time.

It sounded like you had your heart set on doing this, so I'm sorry to hear you are still having troubles. Reset goals after you hear from the doctor and GOOD LUCK!
That is really disappointing about the ankle, but take it in stride. You are becoming healthier by the lifestyle choices you are making, and you will run your marathon when the time is right for you.
My opinion is generally that sports-related injuries should not be handled by an M.D. More than likely your doc will tell you to ice it, stay off it and maybe take some anti-inflammatories. If the pain persists you might eventually get some x-rays.
If you really want to get at what is causing the pain you probably have to go see some form of sports medicine expert, although some of the more top-notch massage therapists or chiropractors around might be able to help as well.
From what I've seen so far, frequently those types of injuries are related to some other underlying imbalance in your posture or your stride. There's a ton of little stabilizer muscles in your back, hips, and legs and if those are weak it is really easy to get injured. I take a pilates class every week and it is really great at developing the core stabilizing muscles necessary to be a strong athlete of any type. We do some specific exercises that I really like which really target all the different muscles in the ankles. It's been very helpful to me in keeping up a decent level of running and bicycling.
I hope this helps...
Well, I've been icing it and taking NSAIDs, so hopefully we can dispense with the "business as usual" approach to it. Thanks for the advice.
Both Zinfandel and Chardonnay are aggressive yes, food pairing is key.
K, I got a cannot be displayed the first time I posted that and I was all glad since I typoed. DAMN YOU LJ AND YOUR FALSE SENSE OF RELIEF!
Good luck with your ankle - there will always be marathons to run. Best to be healed and ready to train later. Hang in there.
I recently twisted my right ankle at a morris ale over the memorial day weekend. I can still feel it as a soreness when I stretch it but it is otherwise not present (the first few days, however, no). So my ankle commiserates with yours. It even kept me out of some seriously hot dancing on the Sunday of that weekend.