More ID Theft BS

Recently I found out that yet another "convenience" check from my credit card had been bounced back when the ID theft occurred. That check got sent to collections and now I have to fill out a forgery affidavit, have it notarized and send it in to the collections agency. Today, I found out that it happened again at Kinkos. That makes Applebee's Restaurants, Kinko's, and an unknown T-Mobile dealer (not one of their actual stores) three companies that apparently take checks without asking for ID.

Since I lost a lot of time, but no money, I don't think there's much I can do about the T-Mobile dealer, but I think it's reasonable to take Applebee's and Kinko's to small claims court to recoup the cost of the notary public. If they can't be bothered to ask for ID, I don't see why I should be penalized for being the victim of crime. First, though, I'll just ask for them to reimburse me.

Brief catch up for the week: I've been working long hours, so I haven't been in touch with too many people. elysive stayed with me for a couple of days while here on a trip from Chicago. That was nice. Also has pdx42 and _sister_madly_ over for one night. We don't get together enough. They live south of Lake Oswego and I work long hours. Damn.

Also, I'm leaving tonight for a wine tour with synthcat and ntnrmlgirl. We'll be back on Sunday. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two about wine?
Sorry to hear about Kinkos. Fry the bastards in court. I hope you get stuff done in time and say "hi" to ntnrmlgirl for me when you see her!
if you have a car your insuruance rate is based off of your credit score.

mine was an extra $300.00 higher because of my credit fraud.
How many of those cheques did they get their hands on, anyway?

Or was that what they were doing at Kinkos?
I was working in retail when a friend linked your first post about the ID theft. It made me double my attentiveness to checking ID at the register - and was amazed at how many people would write "Check ID" on the back of their card, yet get upset when I asked for ID. They'd left it in their car, etc...and when I told them I couldn't take the card without ID, they'd begrudgingly go to get it. And it always checked out. There was also a countless number of people who would say, "Wow, you're the first one to actually ask."

Even now that I'm no longer working retail, I see businesses all over the place (mainly restaurants) that will gladly accept a debit or credit card without ever asking for any ID of any kind. I'm going to start keeping a list of these places and complain to VISA about it.

It's just creepy, how much we depend on these numbers for our identities, and how many people don't even seem to care.
Well, I'm glad someone checks. I sometimes get odd looks when I use a card in a restaurant and then scribble out the experiration data and all but four numbers on the credit card number. But then, I often sign someone else's name, too, just because I can.
The beauty of the system is that your signature doesn't need to be your name. I don't sign "Michael Hills" when I'm paying for dinner, I draw a rainbow over a meadow.

I can probably do something after Tuesday or Wednesday. I've a backlog of folks to catch up with due to my recent workload, but it would be good to catch up again.
sounds good. :)

my workload has increased a little bit, but i'm still pretty flexible as far as afternoons go.