Pre-Training: Day off

Today is scheduled for another 3 mile run but I'm skipping as I'm having problems with my left ankle. It doesn't seem to want to heal and, at worst, it's tough to walk on. Lots of ice and ibuprofen seem to be helping, but only temporarily. I think if I give it a rest until Monday, I should be fine.

This is bugging me. I can't quite seem to shake the injuries from my left leg. This is different from the knee and hip issues I was having and definitely not the same thing as the calf issues I was having. It's bugging the hell out of me because this leg just won't fucking cooperate. It's tough to run with a limp.
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Hey, C? Do you know 2 other people who want to go to Roseburg this weekend?

I am sad to announce that we've decided not to go. Or rather I've decided that I can't possibly drive 5 hours down there, spend all day Saturday drinking, drive 5 hours back on Sunday and then go back to my temp job in Tanasbourne on Monday. I just ... cannot ... do ... it. :(

So we have 2 tix up for grabs. Do you know anyone who might be able to use them? I've asked Mo, too.

Since we both have Fri - Sun off, Mathias and I have decided to go to the beach, instead.
Crap! Let me see if I can scare anyone else up. I don't know, though :( I was looking forward to seeing you two down there.