Pre-Training: Day off

Today is scheduled for another 3 mile run but I'm skipping as I'm having problems with my left ankle. It doesn't seem to want to heal and, at worst, it's tough to walk on. Lots of ice and ibuprofen seem to be helping, but only temporarily. I think if I give it a rest until Monday, I should be fine.

This is bugging me. I can't quite seem to shake the injuries from my left leg. This is different from the knee and hip issues I was having and definitely not the same thing as the calf issues I was having. It's bugging the hell out of me because this leg just won't fucking cooperate. It's tough to run with a limp.
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i'm not a runner and i know i never will be, but everyone i know who DOES run on a regular basis is *always* talking about injuries and physical pain that they "must" endure. So i'm left wondering, why do it!?! Haven't there been plenty of studies that say walking is better for you? Just curious :)
Okay, but if it means you can't walk, then why do a marathon?? :) That seems crazy... is it just a personal goal and then after you accomplish it you'll let your body rest and heal?
I've every intention of letting my body rest and heal after that. I don't anticipate being a long distance runner the rest of my life, but just once, I'd like to do it.

I expect, though, that if I finish one, my body will be in good enough shape that it will find it easier to handle this.

And maybe if i did try running i'd be able to understand the absolute joy (not to mention the benefits) some of you guys talk about.